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Trailer Tracking Solution

The capabilities of trailer tracking devices provide several benefits to a fleet’s management systems. Whether it is keeping track of loads carried by sub-contractors, obtaining accurate maintenance information, or simply making sure no trailers go missing... read more

Fleet Management Software.

As a fleet manager, the key to maximising efficiency in your operations always comes down to one question: How much do you know about what your fleet does on a daily basis?... read more

Chain of Responsibility Laws.

Chain of responsibility legislation is a proactive way of increasing safe practice within the transport and heavy vehicles industry. The idea is to incorporate the entire.... read more

Fleet Tracking Software.

Fleet tracking software has become such an integral part of successful fleet management that it's virtually impossible to stay ahead of your competitors without it. Installing a comprehensive vehicle monitoring system in your fleet gives you... read more

2G Network Shut down.

Two of Australia's leading telco companies, Telstra and Optus, have made the decision to effectively shut down their long running 2G mobile networks... read more

Speed Limiter Tampering: It's happening right under your nose

For businesses operating transport, logistics and fleet services there are usually a lot of moving parts and things tend to become pretty complex... read more

Chain of responsibility: What does it mean for fleet management

Speed limiters are designed to do one thing, limit the speed of a vehicle... read more

Case Studies

Customer success story Star Track

a national Australian transport and logistics company, were in need of a GPS tracking and Fleet Telematic solution to... read more