Manage Chain of
Responsability With MyFleet

We know how to help you manage CoR. We have been doing this for 20 years.

Monitor speeding, fatigue and other driving and site hazards.

Control Measures

MyFleet provides you with control measures specifically to address areas of risk.

  • Speeding – automated speeding detection across all speed zones with tamper detection technology.
  • Fatigue – Electronic logbooks with automated breach detection and allocation tools to make sure only drivers with hours remaining are allocated to a given job.
  • Driving and Site Hazards – Warning systems of upcoming hazards and pre- driving check application.


All driver activity is recorded and available to show you are meeting CoR requirements. Reports detailing areas of risk (such as speeding) are available for re-assessment phases to determine if additional training is required or to determine if existing measures are successful. You can show you are compliant.

Intervention Technology

The Driver Buddy interactive safe driving plan application, reminds drivers of company policy while they drive, and can recommend intervention if policy is not being followed. This provides the final step in a CoR system.