Vehicle Satellite Tracking

Satellital tracking for your fleet in remote locations.

MyFleet Satellite Tracking lets you see where your vehicle is even in remote areas with no phone coverage.

Track Your Vehicles Anywhere

Track your vehicles anywhere in Australia and see what they are doing right now. Features include:

  • See Location
  • Check Speed
  • Know if your vehicle is working
  • Uses phone networks where available
  • Duress Alarms
  • Complete Coverage

Your Drivers Can Get Help Anywhere

Connect a Duress Alarm and protect your drivers in remote locations. Alarms can be sent to security centres as well as staff and we can connect to your security monitoring software.

Complete Coverage

The MyFleet Satellite Solution uses the Inmarsat satellite network where no phone coverage is available but uses the cellular network when possible to minimize cost. A cost effective solution that provides blanket coverage.