How MyFleet Can Save You Money?

MyFleet reduces fuel used by 7-8% saving money and assisting in contract management

We will save you fuel. We will get the most out of your assets. We will save you money.

Spend Less Money On Fuel

MyFleet records the fuel each vehicle uses and provides you with the

  • Fuel Consumption of each vehicle
  • Fuel Efficiency
  • Fuel used loaded versus unloaded
  • Fuel used servicing each customer
  • Average fuel consumption on each route
  • Fuel data for depots, division and business groups
  • Fuel spent idling

We also give you the tools to reduce fuel consumption by monitoring individual driving styles and identifying fuel wasting behaviour like idling and excessive brake use.

MyFleet typically reduces fuel used by 7-8%. MyFleet is geared to help you save money and assist in contract management, by providing a vast amount of relevant data, which is then presented in reports and KPIs that are appropriate to you.

Get The Most Out of Your Assets

MyFleet provides you with reports showing the amount of time your vehicles spend working. We detail the time your vehicles spend loaded or at customer sites as well as the time you spend in the workshop. This information allows you to maximise the use of your core assets and provides concrete figures for planning and purchasing of new assets.

Payment And Contracts

Our electronic receipt system and sign on glass technology allows you to generate invoices as soon as a delivery is complete. Automating delivery information with back office systems speeds up the payment process. Being able to see and monitor time unloading on customer sites, lets you manage contracts and structure payment based on actual data
- increasing your bottom line and competitiveness.