Why is MyFleet the Future?

We understand technology. We understand you.

MyFleet is always researching new technologies and innovations.

Be ahead of your competition

MyFleet offers the latest technology in vehicle monitoring and tracking. We have embraced the new possibilities that have emerged from mobile phone and tablet platforms and continue to offer the most advanced black box in the marketplace. With MyFleet you will be able to see your vehicle as it travels along the road, watch your drivers perform, see your invoices as they are created in the field and know the moment a delivery has been made. Use MyFleet to lead your industry.

We understand you

MyFleet knows the transport industry. We understand your needs and offer a solution tailored to your business. We know you are busy, which is why we only alert you when something is wrong. We know you don't have time to go looking for information which is why we put it at your fingertips. We understand Australian regulations and how to help you meet them.

Be first

MyFleet has always been the future. We were the first worldwide to offer fully web based reporting to the transport industry. We are the first to ride the wave of new possibilities created by smart device technology. We are the first to introduce Interactive Safe Driving Plans to the cabin of the vehicle and the first to offer speed alerting based on the actual speed limit. With MyFleet you will always be first in the industry.