How MyFleet Protects
My Brand

Protect your business name and associate it with safe driving.

Have your Brand associated with Safe Driving. Be seen as an Industry Leader. Avoid negative media.

Know What's Happening On The Road

When you have MyFleet, you will be the first to know of anything that happens to one of your vehicles on the road. You will be alerted by SMS or email the instant a vehicle has an accident, speeds or if the driver needs help. See what your fleet is doing right now.

Take Safe Driving Plans Out Of The Office And Into The Cabin

With the MyFleet Driver Buddy application, remind drivers of company policy and the details of their safe driving plan while they are working. Let them know when and where to take breaks, warn them of hazards and intervene to stop unsafe behaviour before it becomes an incident. You have the policy to operate safely, now enforce it.

Watch Behaviour Change

Now you can see exactly how your vehicles are driven, watch improvement across your fleet with monthly reports, rank drivers and quantify the change in culture, and enjoy the benefits of positive public perception.