Why the
Virtual Black Box is right for you?

A tracking solution with no outlay for hardware,
with immediate deployment.

Smartphone application is the most cost effective tracking solution.

A tracking solution with no up front cost

The MyFleet Virtual Black Box is a smartphone application which operates as a traditional tracking device. It captures the location and speed of the smartphone or tablet it resides on, and provides that information to the MyFleet website, effectively operating as a traditional tracking device, but for no cost. It identifies drivers and can provide driving hours and an electronic log book. The Virtual Black Box can be deployed to existing Android and Apple devices immediately, with no up front cost.

What can it do?

Features include:

  • GPS position
  • Speed
  • Driving hours
  • Electronic Log Book
  • Site time
  • Delivery confirmation
  • Allocations
  • Messaging
  • Safe Driving Plans

Complete Coverage

The Virtual Black Box is compatible with thousands of Smartphones, tablets and industrial displays, and since it is so easy to update, will never be obsolete. The newest and most cost effective tracking solution in the marketplace.