Interactive Fleet Management

An app that helps anyone, that transports something or someone.

About MyFleet's MyBuddy App

MyBuddy is the latest smart-phone application that can be installed on your existing mobile devices and tablets. MyBuddy gives you visibility of your entire fleet in real time and tracks your vehicles progress, manages jobs, tracks deliveries, keeps your drivers safe on Australian roads and alerts you immediately, if something goes wrong.

Stop accidents before they happen, implement Electronic Work Diaries and Manage Chain of Responsibility. All information is accessible over the web, which lets you manage performance, continue training where necessary and provide evidence of your company's compliance.

MyBuddy is built for your industry: Courier & Parcel Delivery - Linehaul & Interstate Trucks - Local transport - Construction & Concrete - Bus and Coach - Field Service & Mobile Trades - Mobile Health

MyBuddy helps you:

  • Capture pre-departure checks
  • Allocate jobs
  • Track product deliveries and signatures
  • Send messages to drivers and field workers
  • Manage fatigue with electronic work diaries
  • Monitor safety and compliance with built in GPS tracking

The perfect fit for your Company:

  • MyBuddy is flexible, it is tailored specifically to your business
  • It is easy to implement
  • You don't need any software or servers, simply manage your business using MyFleet's web based portal.
  • Within your business different staff can see and access what matters to them.
  • The MyBuddy app works on all Android smartphones, tablets and mobile data terminals. It can also be accessed through MyFleet's web based portal and can be integrated with your existing back end systems
MyBuddy mobile tracking application.

Do You Need To Manage Jobs?

Gain visibility of your entire fleet and allocate jobs over the air, direct to mobile devices. Manage jobs effectively by monitoring your driver's arrival and departure times to and from sites, capture customer signatures to confirm job completion and electronically invoice immediately. Receive alerts if drivers have gone to the wrong location or are running late and strengthen customer relationships by advising them with updated ETA's.

  • Allocate jobs quickly
    Drivers receive the latest job information straight to their device. Seamless interaction without compromising safety.
  • Gain visibility of drivers on their way to jobs
    View your drivers journey in real time and provide your customers with accurate ETA's, updated job notes and job status.
  • Monitor arrival time at site
    Stay proactive by informing customers of delivery job schedules, arrivals and departures.
  • Check drivers are at the correct job
    Manage jobs easily with the knowledge of where your drivers are at all times. Proactively deal with potential scheduling issues.
  • Monitor jobs status in real time
    With customer signatures to confirm completed jobs.

  • Electronically invoice as soon as a job is complete
    Save time and money with improved invoicing processes.
  • Co-ordinate jobs effectively
    Optimize job organisation and time management with real-time visibility of your entire fleet.
  • Receive an alert if a jobs is late
    Monitor actual arrival and departure times and advise customers if there will be a delay.
  • Receive an alert if a driver has visited the wrong location
    Monitor the location of your staff and ensure they are where they are supposed to be.
  • Receive an alert if your driver is in trouble
    Maintain safety and security of drivers with the opportunity to send immediate help and reconfigure jobs if needed.

MyBuddy allocates and manage jobs

Do You Want To Track Deliveries?

Simplify pickups and prevent mistakes. Scan multiple items with ease, see missed or added items at each site and record confirmation of delivery with sign on glass. Track the location of drivers, parcels and consignments at any time and provide your drivers with feedback when required. Strengthen customer relationships with accurate ETA's, then save time and money with electronic invoices generated immediately.

  • Allocate pick ups and deliveries quickly
    Drivers see a list of pickup and deliveries on their mobile device along with due time, navigation and manifest details.
  • Gain visibility of drivers and pickups and deliveries
    View your drivers journey in real time and provide your customers with accurate ETA's.
  • Simplify pickups and prevent mistakes
    Receive an immediate notification for any missed or added items.
  • Capture signatures with Sign on Glass technology
    Record confirmation of every pickup and delivery with a signature or photo.

  • Track Consignments
    MyFleet's web portal can show you consignment status and location in real time.
  • Scan multiple items in a delivery
    MyBuddy is compatible with a wide range of hand held barcode scanners to make it easy for drivers to stay on schedule with quick and easy product scanning.
  • Improve customer service
    Provide electronic invoices once a delivery is completed and a signature is captured.

MuBuddy allocates pick-ups and deliveries

Do You Need To Track Pallets?

Automatically detect pallets via Bluetooth technology and track each one through the delivery cycle. Attach Bluetooth tags with ease, then see what is in each vehicle or trailer at any time on My-Fleet's GPS maps. See loading and unloading times and the time and locations of vehicle clearance. This technology saves time and labour as it requires no user intervention.

  • Know what pallets are in each vehicle or trailer at any time
    See a transit board with a list of pallets in each vehicle.
  • Automatically detect pallets via Bluetooth technology
    No need to scan anything, pallets are tracked automatically, and no user intervention is required.
  • Tag each pallet once with no extra labor
    Track and view pallets with ease on MyFleet's web portal.
  • Improve operational efficiency
    See times and locations of vehicle clearance.
  • See composition of vehicle arriving to site
    With a complete view of all drivers and pallets on a GPS map.
  • Complete pallet tracking through delivery cycle
    Utilise MyFleet's web portal to see which pallets are on site, loaded into a vehicle, moving with a vehicle and delivered.

MyBuddy tracks your pallets

MyBuddy tracks your delivery cycle.

Work To A Run Sheet

Keep your drivers responsible, accountable and on schedule with MyBuddy's electronic daily run sheet. Monitor the progression of your driver's day and be informed of their arrival at each site. Retain reports of driver activity, identify areas that may require extra training and score their performance.

  • Provide your drivers with an electronic daily run sheet
    Management can gain visibility of each driver progressing through their run from a remote location.
  • Be informed of each site your driver arrives at
    Stay organized and maintain complete visibility of each driver and their freight.
  • Know exact entry and exit times of each site
    MyBuddy assists management to assess delivery times and driver performance.
  • Be aware of sites drivers may have missed
    For example, collecion points, customers or streets that were skipped.

  • Alert sites of imminent arrivals
    Improve communication and make loading more effective.
  • Track Consignments
    MyFleet's web portal can show you consignment status and location in real time.
  • Scan multiple items in a delivery
    MyBuddy is compatible with a wide range of hand held barcode scanners to make it easy for drivers to stay on schedule with quick and easy product scanning.
  • Improve customer service
    Provide electronic invoices once a delivery is completed and a signature is captured.

MuBuddy organises your runsheets

Warn Your Drivers Of Hazards

Increase awareness and avoid risks. With Australia wide, local knowledge of urban and rural areas, MyBuddy identifies and isolates all hazards on your driver's path. Alerts are provided upon approach, to prepare drivers for potentially dangerous roads and stop incidents before they happen. Intervention technology allows management to assess driving behaviour and assign extra breaks to fight fatigue. In the case an incident does occur, protect your brand integrity by moving safe driving plans out of the office and into the cab. MyBuddy is your buddy.

  • Give drivers instructions when arriving to sites
    MyBuddy will alert your drivers of customisable site rules, such as speed limits, when they arrive.
  • Ensure drivers are warned of potentially dangerous roads
    Updated safe driving plans will alert drivers of hazards ahead.
  • Prepare drivers for black spots, steep declines and low speed limits
    The MyBuddy application will enhance driver safety every step of the way.
  • Alert drivers immediately of any hazardous sites, all over Australia
    MyBuddy has both Australia wide and local knowledge of urban and rural areas.
  • Assist your drivers through new or harsh environments
    MyBuddy identifies hazards before they become a problem.

  • Use our unrivaled local knowledge to protect your drivers
    With our extensive fleet of vehicles across all Australian regions, we have an unrivaled datatbase of black spots and hazards.
  • Know when your drivers are in trouble
    A duress button is readily available for drivers to call for help.
  • Monitor driver's performance and schedule extra breaks where necessary
    Intervene to prevent unsafe driving habits before they escalate into an incident.
  • Provide your drivers with consistent feedback
    My Buddy gives drivers feedback on their driving style. This helps identify driver issues and gives them an opportunity to improve.

MuBuddy alert your drivers of hazards on the road

Make Pre-Trip Checks Easy

Meet compliance without taking chances. Confirm your drivers have completed their pre-trip checks and established that they are fit to perform their duties prior to beginning their shifts. You will receive immediate alerts regarding concerning behaviour or if any questions are skipped. Together, we can stop incidents before they happen. Management retains records of each check, which means you can stay confident in your business operating safely.

  • Move to a paperless pre trip check system
    All communication is stored on our web based dashboard, immediate alerts are only sent if there is an issue.
  • Ensure drivers complete a pre-departure check prior to starting their journey
    Each driver is immediately prompted to ensure their vehicle is roadworthy.
  • Confirm drivers are fit to perform their duties.
    MyBuddy will prompt drivers to agree they are physically, mentally and emotionally ready to fulfill their daily duties.
  • Customize pre-trip check questions
    Based on your existing pre-departure and fit for duty policies and procedures.

  • Use warning screens to ensure questions are filled out properly
    If drivers proceed without completing all questions, they are stopped with a warning pop up.
  • Receive notifications for all pre-trip check activity
    Alerts are sent to management directly if drivers proceed regardless of their warning.
  • Record all driver pre-trip checks
    Formulate reports showing areas of risk and drivers with concerning behaviour.
  • Increase Driver Accountability
    Provide your drivers with a clear expectation of their responsibilities and use data collected to monitor business operations.

MyBuddy records your pre-trip checks

Drive Safer

Protect your drivers, create confidence in your brand. MyBuddy caters to a workplace in motion and specialises in extending safe practice out of the office and into the cabin. See the hours each driver has remaining and monitor breaches with electronic logbooks. Fight fatigue by reminding your drivers to take breaks and be guided to a safe location. Score your drivers performance and provide them with the feedback required to improve. Manage chain of responsibility effectively, protect your brand and refer to records at any time to show evidence your business is compliant.

  • Move to a paperless pre trip check system
  • Stop accidents happening using intervention technology
    MyBuddy identifies erratic behavior and alerts you immediately.
  • View electronic logbooks and eliminate risks of losing paperwork
    Information for all drivers is stored in one easy to access location.
  • Know when a driver breaches using electronic log books with automated alerting
    Receive an alert by SMS or email if a driver exceeds their allowable driving hours under the Standard Hours or BFM or AFM systems.
  • Score your drivers performance
    See your best and worst drivers ranked each week based on the criteria that is important to you, such as speeding, harsh braking and fatigue breaches.

  • Provide your drivers with the feedback so they can improve
    MyBuddy automatically supplies drivers with feedback.
  • Make Fatigue Management Easy
    Drivers receive alerts via their MyBuddy application, instructing them when to take a break and even guides them to a preferable place to rest.
  • Manage Chain of Responsibility
    With all driver activity recorded, show evidence that your company is compliant.
  • Receive accurate and reliable alerts the moment a driver speeds
    Allowing you to act immediately and change behavior.
  • Use information to train drivers to avoid speeding
    Monitor training effectiveness with trend graphs and see improvement.

MyBuddy controls fatigue management and tracks driver performance

Switch To Electronic Work Diaries

Create an auditable record of work and rest compliance. Easily transition from paper-based to electronic work diaries so you can improve the safety of your drivers; manage risk effectively and protect your business with reliable records.

  • Compliant with National Heavy Vehicle Regulator EWD Policy Framework*
    MyBuddy will keep your drivers safe under the NHVR standard.
  • View EWD's on the side of the road
    Drivers can demonstrate their compliance information upon request immediately.
  • View EWD's anywhere
    Management will gain complete visibility of driver activity with the ability to monitor consistency from any location.
  • View EWD in various forms
    Utilise a run sheet or current pictorial graph.

  • Stop breaches before they happen
    Drivers will be alerted to take action if they're about to breach their workable hours.
  • Check driving exceptions report on our trusted website
    Monitor and audit the recorded rest times of drivers at any time.
  • Increase efficiency of day-to-day operations
    Collect and distribute EWD information with a system that works.
  • Eliminate the loss of compulsory documentation
    Achieve all functions of EWD's with accurate and reliable reporting.

MyBuddy is an electronic work diary

Monitor Temperature Easily

Try the newest technology in temperature monitoring - Wireless Bluetooth Beacons. No extra labour is required by your staff, while you confirm the temperature of your product and the quality of your business. Ensure your cold chain service meets the requirements of industry standards and your equipment is functioning effectively to meet the needs of your product.

  • Monitor the temperature of your product through entire delivery cycle
    Bluetooth Beacon technology supports both short -haul and long-distance transportation.
  • Record temperature of products when they are picked up and delivered
    With our hand-held Temperature Probe.
  • No extra labour is required, no need to wire in with refrigerator
    Bluetooth Beacons and Temperature Probes test temperature independently of the refrigeration system.
  • Gain complete visibility of real-time temperature
    Product temperature can be monitored from the office while the driver is also alerted of any changes in the cabin.

  • Validate your cold chain processes by auditing your temperatures regularly
    Confirm your system meets current codes and is functioning effectively to support your products needs.
  • Receive immediate alerts if temperatures change with Bluetooth Beacon's constant monitoring
    Don't compromise quality, rectify inconsistencies instantly.
  • Save time and money with our quality management systems
    By operating internal checks with Bluetooth Beacon Technology and Temperature Probes.
  • Record temperatures as part of delivery information
    Or provide temperature testing as a component of your electronic invoice.

MyBuddy monitors your load temperature

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