Driver Buddy.
An Interactive Driving Plan.

A Smartphone application that revolutionises safe driving management.

Driver buddy application for an interactive safe driving plan.

An Interactive Safe Driving Plan App

Driver Buddy is a Smartphone application which interacts with the driver during a trip, reinforcing the key points of the Safe Driving Plan for the route he is driving. Key features include

  • Asks the Driver to fill in a Pre Trip Check
  • Tells the Driver how long he has before he has to take a break
  • Can guide the Driver to a safe place to rest
  • Warns the driver of any upcoming hazard
  • Provides the Driver with feedback on speeding or harsh braking events
  • If erratic or tired driving is detected the Driver will be asked to take an additional break

Bring Safe Driving plans out of the office and into the truck

Safe Driving Plans are a key to safe operation, but always run the risk of being forgotton or ignored in the field. Driver Buddy makes sure that can't happen. It is an embodiment of company policy, protecting the driver and your organisation at the same time.

Versatile Technology

The Driver Buddy application is available for both Android and Apple devices, which means it can go on a phone, a mobile tablet or be mounted on an industrial display in the cabin.