How MyFleet Helps
Reduce Speeding?

We will alert you to a driver speeding as soon as he breaks the speed limit.
We will give you the tools to act and bring about change.

Live alerts when drivers speed

Know When It Happens

MyFleet will alert you the moment a driver speeds. This allows you to act immediately and change behaviour. We can tell you if a driver speeds on the highway, or through town. We get the speeding information straight from the vehicle's electronics, so the information is accurate and reliable (No GPS Speed Glitches).

Figure Out Why It Happens

See where speeding happens. We show you if it is downhill or on a flat road. View speeding information by route or road and see which depots and business groups perform best. We give you the tools to find out why and where drivers speed

Stop It Happening

With reliable tools to detect speed and identify the causes you are able to implement safe driving policies and train drivers to avoid speeding. Monitor the effectiveness of your program with trend graphs and watch behaviour change over time