How MyFleet Makes
The Most Out Of My Assets

Reduce stand-up time and maximise  fleet utilisation.

Improve asset utilization to improve profitability. Link asset use to deliveries and commercial indicators.

How Long Do My Vehicles Work

See how long your vehicles work. Be presented with monthly averages of work time for individual vehicles or across divisions, depots and states. Identify unproductive work time on the road or on site, and see an unused vehicle colour coded yellow so you can pick it's not working at a glance. Get the most out of your assets with MyFleet.

How Far Do My Vehicles Travel

See how far your vehicles travel in a day, week, month or year. Break down loaded kilometres versus unloaded kilometres and attribute travel to a particular client or site. Make every kilometre your vehicle travels productive.

How Many Deliveries Do You Make

See how many deliveries each vehicle makes. See how many times a driver returns to the depot. Know the average delivery time for every site and compare drivers. MyFleet provides you with the information to fine tune your operation