Driver Applications

 MyFleet's Driver Buddy Application is available for Apple and Android devices

MyFleet offers your drivers a range of iPhone, iPad and Android applications to help in their daily work. Any application can go on a dedicated display, portable device or a personal phone.

Help Drivers Make Good Decisions

MyFleet's Driver Buddy Application is a companion for the driver throughout his working day. It performs a pre-trip check, provides route and drop off information, guides staff to take their scheduled breaks and even warns of any hazard on the road or on site. It also monitors the driver's performance and can schedule additional rest breaks and intervene to prevent unsafe driving habits escalating into an incident. It takes your safe driving plans and puts them into the cabin.

Help Drivers Take Their Breaks

Our Fatigue Management Application tells a driver exactly how long he has before he needs to take a break. It can even guide him to an appropriate resting location nominated by his Safe Driving Plan and supports all driving hour legislation. Give your drivers the best tool to take make driving hours compliance a breeze.

Help Drivers Be More Productive

MyFleet supports a range of productivity tools which can reside on a tablet, dedicated terminal or even on the driver's phone. Applications include

  • Navigation
  • Pre-departure check list
  • Manifest & Cargo Tracking
  • Pickup & Delivery
  • Sign On Glass
  • Messaging
  • Work Hours
  • Data Gathering