How MyFleet Helps Win
More Business

MyFleet gives you the tools to increase your business competitive advantage.

The latest technology gives you a competitive advantage. Use it to increase your bottom line.

Bid For Contracts That Require GPS Tracking

MyFleet not only provides you with an easy to use website to track your vehicles, we provide your customers with a portal to view the information which is relevant to them. Easily comply with any requirement for GPS tracking, and use your fleet safety record to win work.

Include Your Customers In The Loop

Use the MyFleet Customer portal to let your customers see when deliveries were made and how far away a vehicle is from their site. Include Customers by letting them see

  • Arrival Times
  • Departure Times
  • Delivery Status
  • Wait Times
  • Vehicle Status

Improved Efficiency Leads To Competitive Pricing

Tweak your operation by monitoring KPI's and route times to increase efficiency. When you have information such as

  • Cost per Site
  • Cost per Customer
  • Site Loading/Unloading Time
  • Actual Route Times
  • Fuel Use per Customer
  • Loaded/Unloaded Time

You are able to accurately price exactly the costs associated with a contract, and win work with the most competitive price.