How MyFleet Provides Security

Keep all your assets on the road safe.

MyFleet GPS tracking software to keep your fleet safe.

Protect Your Vehicles

Use the MyFleet tracking solution to:

  • Tell you where your vehicles are
  • Tell you when a vehicle leaves a depot
  • Alert you when a vehicle moves with an
  • unknown driver
  • Tell you when a vehicle isn't being driven safely

Protect Your People

  • You will always know where your drivers are
  • They can call for help with a duress button
  • Make sure your drivers take their breaks
  • Know who was really at fault in accident scenarios and have evidence to prove it
  • Defend your drivers against unfair prosecution
  • Provide a safe working environment

Protect Your Cargo

We can let you know where your cargo is, when the doors are opened, where it is loaded and where it is unloaded. Monitor the temperature of your cargo and take action before goods spoil. When you know what is happening you can take steps to protect your cargo and make sure it arrives safe, on time.