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Fleet Telematics to the Australian Transport Industry.

MyFleet GPS Tracking News

Driver Buddy App
MyFleet's new Driver Buddy is a mobile phone or tablet app that helps your drivers operate safely out on the road. Driver Buddy will:

  • Streamline implementation of your safe driving plans
  • Help you manage fatigue and enforce rest breaks
  • Decrease risk of accidents
  • Help you communicate with your drivers

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GPS Tracking Client Access

MyFleet GPS Tracking News

Trailer Tracker

MyFleet's trailer tracker is becoming a big hit with customers now being able to reliably monitor their trailer fleet.

Monitor Trailer Distribution with trailer tracking. The 'avaialable trailer' report lets you see how many trailers you have parked at each depot at any one time.

See your fleet of trailers on a big screen map at all times, even if being towed by a sub contractor or parked and disconnected at a customer site

Improve utilisation by the automatic collection of trailer odometers, arrival and departure times, loading times and dwell times.

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Complete solution

MyFleet provides you with one simple solution, covering everything you need. We support all makes of vehicle and offer a complete range of options such as:

  • Real time fleet tracking
  • Cars, trucks, buses and trailers
  • Satellite tracking for remote areas
  • All types of sensors and specialist equipment
  • In vehicle video cameras
  • Mobile Phone and Tablet apps
  • Back office Integration
  • Commercial Reporting
  • Safety and Legal Compliance
  • Pick Up & Delivery Solution
  • Intervention technology

MyFleet has everything you need.