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MyFleet GPS Tracking News

Black Box with Road Speed Limits
MyFleet has launched a new black box which solves speeding problems for good. It's able to detect speeding in 50, 60, 70 80, 90 and 100 km/hr speed zones.

  • Speed zone and street information stored on board
  • Accurately detects side roads and overpasses
  • Checks for speeding 10 times per second
  • Gives your driver live feedback to prevent speeding
  • All Makes/Models of vehicles supported

GPS Tracking Client Access

MyFleet GPS Tracking News

Necessary Maintenance

From December 2016 both Telstra and Optus will be shutting down their 2G networks. This means that black boxes that still use the 2G network (5+ years old) will need necessary maintenance.

Your existing black boxes will continue to work in the same way and are still the most accurate in the marketplace. In order for your data to be transmitted, the modem and SIM need to be upgraded from 2G to 3G due to the changes being made by Telstra and Optus. This change will also allow for increased data speeds and coverage.

What do I need to do? If you are effected by the Telstra/Optus changes your MyFleet account manager will be in contact to schedule the necessary maintenance. The modem and/or SIM card change can be performed any time over the next 12 months to ensure there is no disruption to your fleet or GPS service.

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Complete solution

MyFleet provides you with one simple solution, covering everything you need. We support all makes of vehicle and offer a complete range of options such as:

  • Real time fleet tracking
  • Cars, trucks, buses and trailers
  • Satellite tracking for remote areas
  • All types of sensors and specialist equipment
  • In vehicle video cameras
  • Mobile Phone and Tablet apps
  • Back office Integration
  • Commercial Reporting
  • Safety and Legal Compliance
  • Pick Up & Delivery Solution
  • Intervention technology

MyFleet has everything you need.