How Can MyFleet
Help Manage My Fleet

See your business grow with our performance reports.

See how far a vehicle travels, how much fuel it burns, how often it is unused. See how a depot operates and how a business group performs.See the whole picture.

See How Your Vehicles Perform

With MyFleet you will be able to see each vehicle's

  • Kilometres Travelled
  • Engine Hours
  • Fuel Consumption and Efficiency
  • Brake Usage
  • Gearbox and Engine operation
  • PTO usage
  • Utilisation and stop events

You can also see where a vehicle is at any time, who is driving it and where it has been.

See How A Depot Operates

We show you vehicle information for a whole depot. You can see the average fuel consumption across your business groups and make maintenance planning easy. Compare depots and business groups with each other and identify latent resources from utilization figures.

See The Whole Picture

See vehicle data for your entire operations. Break down your fuel bill into the fuel used while your vehicles are loaded vs unloaded. Compare asset utilization figures across the fleet and save money by maximising asset usage.

We integrate your fleet information into your commercial management software so your reports are based on actuals collected from your fleet. You will see the whole picture when your fleet and commercial information is presented together.