How MyFleet Makes
Fatigue Management Easy

Electronic logbooks - electronic work diaries

We tell you when a driver breaches and give you the tools to stop breaches happening.

View Electronic Logbooks

MyFleet provides you with an Electronic Logbook for every driver, eliminating the need to keep paper records. The Logbooks can be viewed from any PC or Smartphone, including by the driver in the field.

Know When A Driver Breaches

We scan through the Electronic Logbooks and advise you whenever a breach has occurred – so you don't have to plough through pages of trip reports. We support both Standard Hours and Basic Fatigue Management and each driver can have customisable working hours if required.

We Help Your Allocators. We Help Your Drivers

To help you reduce the number of breaches, we offer tools for both Allocators and Drivers. Allocators can see the number of hours each driver has remaining, colour coded based on their allowable working hours. Drivers are informed when they need to take a break via a Smartphone application or in vehicle display. The Driver Buddy application even guides them to a preferable place to rest.