How MyFleet Makes You
Environmentally Friendly

Reduce running costs and help the environment. Everyone Wins!

Reduce your carbon footprint and save money.

See Your Fleet Work

When you can measure fuel usage, then you can manage it. MyFleet is able to monitor the fuel each truck uses and records behaviour that wastes fuel such as excessive idling and brake use. By educating and monitoring your drivers you can increase fuel efficiency and greatly reduce your carbon footprint, saving money at the same time.

We Have The Tools To Change Behaviour

MyFleet's EcoDrive program is specifically designed to monitor driver behaviour, score drivers and business groups and change behaviour over time – resulting in a more efficient driving style. Optimum speed, revving and brake use for each vehicle is taken into account when training and scoring drivers.

Everyone Benefits

A reduction in fuel usage of 7-8% is the average reduction in fuel use from companies using the EcoDrive program. Save fuel. Reduce your carbon footprint and save money.