Why the
Advanced Black Box is right for you?

It does everything you can think of. It connects to anything.
It will never be obsolete.

GPS Tracking Advanced Black Box


The Advanced Black Box has an unrivalled range of features.

  • Live Vehicle Tracking
  • Speeding Alerts based on actual speed zone
  • Driving Hours
  • Fuel and Emissions Reporting
  • Engine Data (RPM, Brakes, Idle, Speed)
  • Detailed Incident Analysis
  • Commercial Reporting
  • Time on site
  • Route Adherence
  • Pickup and Delivery


The Advanced Black Box connects to everything. All engine makes, all models. It connects to Smartphones, industrial displays and tablets. It interfaces with sensors and intervention technology, including:

  • Vehicle Engines
  • Refrigeration units
  • Mobile devices (Android and iOS)
  • In cab video camera recorder
  • Duress Alarm
  • Specialist functionality - Proximity sensors, Lane departure warning, weighing systems, roll stability sensors (RSS) and more

Asset life

Never refit. The Advanced Black Box is built to last the life of the vehicle it monitors. It is designed to survive the harshest environments and is fully upgradable so as new technology opens up new possibilities, they will become available to you at no cost. Price equipment based on the lifespan of the vehicle, rather than the lifespan of the technology.