Vision 2020
The Next Generation Of AI Cameras

The MyFleet Camera System is a state of the art video recorder and camera network for the Australian Transport Industry. It uses the latest in AI technology and electronic sensors to record footage of any event that may happen during a journey - without the need for any human intervention. Video of events such as Speeding, Collisions, Near Accidents or Emergencies are recorded by the camera system and sent to you immediately - giving you an unprecedented view of what is happening on the road.

All Camera Systems connect to the MyFleet web Portal and AI Control Room - where footage can be viewed from anywhere and automatically vetted by the latest in artificial intelligence systems - so you are only alerted when you need to be.

We have a camera system to suit all types of vehicles and levels of sophistication and budget. From complex 8 camera networks covering all sight angles to a robust single camera for cars and vans - and even a ruggedized outdoor system for motorbikes, forklifts and plant equipment.

And of course, all our Camera Systems contain built in Telematics. Why just see where a vehicle is on a map when you can see what's really happening.

How Vision 2020 Works

Video Footage is continuously recorded Video footage is recorded continuously by the MyFleet Vision 2020 Camera System mounted in your vehicle.

The footage is analyzed by MyFleet AI control room The footage is analyzed by the MyFleet AI Control Room - the latest in AI software which will detect if it sees something that you need to know.

MyFleet sends notifications by email and sms If we see something that requires your immediate attention, you are notified by email, SMS or our SmartApp with the video of what just happened in your vehicle.

All the videos are stored in MyFleet web portal All other footage is available at your convenience via the MyFleet Web Portal. You can view footage for any event recorded by our Telematics anytime in the future.

Be the first to know

The MyFleet Vision 2020 Camera system lets you see exactly what has happened out on the road, with footage in front of the vehicle, behind it, to the sides and in the cabin. With visual AI processing you will be automatically notified in an event such as

  • Accidents
  • Rollovers
  • Harsh Cornering
  • Speeding
  • Near Misses
  • Unsafe lane changes
  • Unsafe driver behavior
  • Driver fatigue
Camera and Telematics system that uses the latest in AI to monitor analyse and alert you of risky behaviours and hazards on the roads

Be Covered With Footage

With the MyFleet Vision 2020 camera system you will always be able to produce footage of any event. We record footage within the vehicle and maintain it for up to 2 weeks for you to view at any time via the MyFleet Web Portal.

See What is Happening Now

You can connect to any vehicle in your fleet and see what is happening right now. You can see in front of the vehicle, behind, out the sides and in the cabin - allowing an unprecedented visualization of your fleet.

Keep Your Existing Telematics System

The MyFleet Vision 2020 Camera System accepts position and event data from all major makes of Vehicle Telematics systems, allowing you to continue to leverage your current investment in vehicle tracking. You will receive camera footage for telematic events and see each event as it happens during the camera footage - without having to replace your existing telematics solution!

A Camera Solution For Any Type Of Vehicle

Tier One - The Plug & Play DashCam

An easy to install robust Intelligent Dashcam, which can record footage for a week and automatically detect safety events using AI technology.

  • Affordable Solution
  • Suits Cars, Bikes, Heavy Vehicles
  • Easy Installation
  • Forward and Back Camera
  • Send footage on Event
  • SD Card backup of footage
  • 4G/5G Communications
  • Waterproof for outdoor operation
Built in vehicle telematics and camera system

Tier Two - In Vehicle Camera System

A complete in vehicle camera system, which support forwards, back, cabin and side camera options. Supports 4G, 5G and WIFI.

  • Robust Installation
  • Suits Any Vehicle - Motorbikes, Vans, Forklifts, Trucks
  • Up to 4 Cameras - Angle + Night Cameras
  • 360 Degree Camera Option
  • Sends Footage of Any Event
  • Sd Card backup of footage
  • 4G Communication
  • WIFI option
  • Easy 5G Upgrade path - future proof
  • Built in vehicle telematics
360 degree camera system with robust installation for any vehicle

Tier Three - The Digital Camera Hub

A Deluxe Camera System, which allows unlimited cameras, 14 days of recorded footage and 5G support.

  • Suits Heavy Vehicle
  • Up to 8 Cameras
  • Camera Types
  • Sends Footage Of Any Event
  • 14 days historical footage
  • 4G Communication
  • WIFI option
  • Easy 5G Upgrade path - future proof
  • Built in vehicle telematics
Deluxe Camera System with inbuilt telematics to improve safety of the roads

Intervention Technology

Driver Assistance

MyFleet Driver Assistance is a complete road safety solution that uses the latest technology in digital image processing algorithms to analyse, in real time, the road conditions and alert the driver of any hazard. This system incorporates a front view unit installed in the windshield, a rear camera, and a dashboard screen for the driver; all connected to the IVG4000 HD recorder unit.

The MyFleet Driver Assistance is what every fleet needs to create a safer driver environment, avoid accidents on the roads and save lives.

  • Forward Collision Warning provides the driver time to react before an imminent accident
  • Lane Departure Warning notifies the driver that he is not keeping his lane.
  • Pedestrian Collision Warning alerts the unsafe proximity of people to the vehicle.
  • Safety Distance Alarm identifies tailgating.
  • Sign-posted Speed Recognition reads and displays current speed limits.
  • Digital Video Recorder saves the video before and after an event and sends them, along with an alert, to the managers.
  • Front Vehicle Start Alarm.
  • Voice Guidance.
Driver Assistance Forward Collision Lane Departure

Driver Monitoring

Driver distraction is the number one cause of accidents on Australian roads. MyFleet Intervention Technology provides managers the tools they need to increase their fleet safety on the road by tracking facial expressions and identifying driver fatigue indicators, such as yawning and drowsiness. Our advanced system also detects the use of mobile phones and smoking while driving.

The driver monitoring device is safely installed on the dashboard, with its camera pointing at the driver’s face at all times.

  • Advanced driver behavior recognition system that detects signs of fatigue.
  • Real-time identification of safety events that generates warnings for drivers and sends alerts to managers.
  • Live video transmission.
  • Automatic recording of safety events and supporting video footage.
  • Driver face recognition and automatic ID Detection. It is able to identify the driver, even when wearing sunglasses and a cap or hat.
  • Customizable reaction times.
  • The most comprehensive monitoring function.
  • Simple installation and calibration.
Driver Monitoring Face Recognition Fatigue Detection

Why MyFleet For Cameras

Having made the decision to equip your vehicles with cameras, why choose MyFleet? We think there are a couple good reasons.

The leading edge in AI technology means you only receive footage for events that are relevant to you. You don't have to trawl through hours of footage to find what you need to see.

We have a camera system for each type of vehicle. There is no one system that suits all vehicle types. Our experience has taught us that each type of vehicle requires its own tailored solution - and that's what we offer you.

Mobile Data in Australia is expensive. Very expensive. That's why we have designed a camera system for the Australian market with an eye to reduce mobile data usage and cost where we can.

Our system works along side any Telematics system. You don't have to ditch your current telematics system to add cameras.

Australian based company with local employees We have an Australia wide support network to keep your system running. Plus our technical support desk is located in Australia as well as the engineers who designed your camera system.

Finally, People Do Crazy Things On The Road

We understand the challenges truck drivers face every day and why they need the protection video footage can provide. Here are a few examples...

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