How MyFleet
Improves Day to Day Operations

See your vehicles. Make sure they are where they are supposed to be.

Improve fleet operations with MyFleet GPS tracking solution.

See Your Fleet Work

MyFleet lets you see what your fleet is doing. You can see your fleet on a big display in your allocation room, on your own PC or even on your phone. At a glance you can see:

  • Where every vehicle is
  • How far from a customer site or depot a vehicle is
  • Any vehicle that isn't working
  • Any vehicle that is speeding
  • Any vehicle that has been delayed

Know When Someone Is Late

You will be alerted when a vehicle is going to be late to a site. You will know when a vehicle has spent too much time loading or unloading. You can see when a vehicle is delayed on the road. This knowledge gives you the ability to adapt to the new situation before it becomes an issue.

Improve. Change. Get Better.

Knowing where your fleet is and being able to watch them work, allows you to improve fleet operation. Give your customers a better service and prepare for vehicle arrivals. Loading times decrease and being able to allocate the closest vehicle to a job improves fleet operation.