How GPS Tracking helps Health and Safety Manager's

GPS tracking can provide a complete solution that monitors and manages risk associated with mining operations including alerts of potential hazards, monitoring driver behaviour and work hours.


Managers will have complete visibility of all drivers and mining assets on their control panels.

This is important to ensure drivers don’t enter an exclusion zone, and managers will have visibility of haul cycles and any external hazards to prevent accidents and the possibility of vehicles collisions.

Fit For Duty and Pre Depature Checks

Implement customisable fit for duty declarations, truck checks and pre-departure checks at the start of each shift.

These are available on the driver’s mobile device and will take drivers through a range of questions to ensure they meet safety standards.

If any issues are detected an alert is immediately sent to a site supervisor by email or SMS.

Duress Systems

Duress systems are provided for instances where lone workers are in danger, when triggered emergency teams are immediately dispatched to their location.


The moment a vehicle/ driver exceeds a speed threshold an email and SMS alert is sent to the driver’s supervisor so immediate action can be taken.

Speeding can be viewed on a map with the date, time, speed and duration of the incident.

Driver feedback

GPS tracking technology provides seamless and easy two-way communication between managers and drivers.

Managers can be alerted to inefficient driving behaviour such as idle, excessive RPM and harsh braking and provide live feedback to the driver.

GPS technology can also send messages alerting drivers of speed limits, external hazards and provide the best possible routes whilst driving.